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For those that didn’t get it from the mailer, a new pronobozo track called “I was there” is available from soundcloud.


Juan Barbosa –
Zoë Holman –

Les Stroud –
pronobozo –

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  • I’ve been following your music since I heard one of your tracks on a Team Ryouko friday night madness video. This song is amazing and I’m totally looking forward to the next album! 🙂

    Just wondering, did you take a sample from one of Les Stroud’s songs or did you collaborate for this? I’ve only seen him on TV, I didn’t realize he did music too.

    • Hey Art, thanks for sticking around all this time! glad you like the music

      Back in the day(10 years ago) a couple of us were going to pool a couple of our tracks together, remix each other, then release an album. Life kinda got in the way and it ended up not happening. Late last year I ran into all our beta tracks and decided to see if I could do anything with Les’s track, it was really close to the mood i was in. Then this track happened, got the amazing Juan Barbosa to do vocals for it after discussing a good theme for it(dark), then got the wonderful Zoe Holman to put on the finishing vocal touch. bam there it was. It might get slight modifications before album release, but yeah that’s pretty much it.

      Les likes the track a lot and is looking to do some more collab. I know he’s an incredibly busy guy but hopefully we get some more tracks put together.

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